The following agencies are currently supporting projects in the Henkelman group.

Department of Energy
Center for Materials for Water and Energy Systems (M-WET),
08/01/2022 - 07/31/2026, DE-SC0019272, PI: Benny Freeman
National Science Foundation
CAS: Fundamental Experimental-Theoretical Investigations of New Metal Alloy Nanocatalysts for Natural Gas Repurposing,
12/2021 - 21/2024, CHE-2109120, PI: Simon Humphrey
National Science Foundation
Computational methods for modeling reaction dynamics in batteries and catalysts,
07/2021 - 07/2024, CHE-2102317.
Welch Foundation
Design of Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage,
06/2023 - 06/2026, F-1841.
Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment
Computational Time to Support NSF Projects,
04/2019 - present.
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
Computational Time to Support DOE Projects,
06/2009 - present.
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Computational Time,
06/2004 - present.